ISO 14001:2004/2015 – Environmental Management System (EMS)

ISO 14001:2004/2015is the internationally recognised standard to implement Environmental ManagementSystem (EMS) in an organization. Establishing an EMS is the best way todemonstrate your organization’s environmental awareness and consciousness toyour customers, community and statutory and regulatory bodies.  It prescribes controls for those activitiesthat have an effect on the environment. These include the use of naturalresources, handling and treatment of waste and energy consumption. ISO14001:2004/2015 is for all organizations, regardless of type, size, products orservices provided.  Many governmental andpublic agencies such as, education, healthcare and police departments alsoimplement ISO 14001:2004/2015 environmental management systems. 

Benefits of ISO 14001:2004/2015

Implementing an Environment Management System will benefit an organization in the following manner:

  • Providing your company with assurance that you meet, and will continue to meet, your environmental management system commitments and corporate policy requirements.
  • Providing potentially fewer surveillance visits from regulatory agencies.
  • Showing your business partners, regulatory agencies, and community that you are environmentally responsible.
  • Increasing profits through potential process improvements and energy conservation.
  • Reducing your environmental liability.
  • Reducing costs as a result of potentially lower insurance rates.
  • Verifying your systems for recognizing and complying with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Capturing institutional knowledge – ISO 14001 ensures this information is properly documented, communicated and retained.
  • Streamlining operations – organizations often realize monetary savings as a result of greater operational efficiency and energy conservation, and reduction in use of hazardous materials and generation of hazardous wastes.
  • Increased awareness and participation – ISO 14001 gives people an avenue to raise environmental issues and makes it clear that environmental performance is an important part of the corporate culture.
  • Safety benefits – by reviewing the procedures for controlling significant operations, including a review of emergency preparedness and response procedures, organizations are able to identify and implement significant safety improvements.

How We Can Help

Globus Certifications has richexperience in designing, developing and implementing ISO 14001:2004/2015 readyEnvironmental Management System from the bottom up to meet ISO certificationrequirement.  If the organization already has an existing managementsystem, we help you by integrating the EMS as prescribed by ISO 14001:2004/2015standard with your current system.

Our trained and experienced management system consultants assist an organization in designing, developing, and implementing its Environmental Management System as per ISO 14001:2004 standard.

Our 5 Step Process – Consulting to Facilitating Certification

  1. Perform gap analysis
  2. Design & Implement System (documentation of policy, quality manual, procedures, and forms, implementation of processes and Training)
  3. Pre-Certification Audit
  4. Coordinate Certification
  5. Get Certified!